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About Us

«Promstroy project» Design Institute » was founded in 1956 and is the legal successor of the « Kazakh Promstroyproject» State Territorial Design Institute, which developed one of the most important projects in the USSR, such as Almaty Heavy Machinary Plant, Shymkent Oil Refinery Plant, Electrotechnical Plant in Chittagong (Bangladesh) andetc.

«Promstroy project» Design Institute» LLPi stheone of the biggest leading company in industrial design market in Kazakhstan. We offer the full range of the design services including engineering consultations and coordination in State Expertise. The main scope of the company is the unique development and individual approach in the project solutions.

The company's mission: 

Make a significant contribution to the development of strategic industries in the Republic of Kazakhstan by professional design. Contribute actively to the development of industrial potential of the country through quality and reliable design resheniy.Aktivnoe assist in the development of industrial potential of the country through quality and reliable design solutions. Modernization and development of design industry as a fundamental stage and construction industry of Kazakhstan. .

Our valuables:

  High quality and professional approach to the designing objects as abase of dynamic development of the competitiveness of Kazakhstan;

  High quality of our services based on the professional is mofever your engineer;

•  Our Institute – is ateam of associates, acting like a singlemechanis mandmain value of which is the constant improvement.

Brief history :

  1956 – «Kazakh Promstroy project» State Territorial Design Institute;

••  1962 – «Kazakh Promstroy NII project » State Scientific Design Institute  ;

  1992 – «Promstroy project» Joint Stock Company;

  1995 – «Promstroyproject» Design Institute» Limited LiabilityPartnership . 

The organizational structure of the Institute:

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